Mulumbe Grilled  On Maizegate

Mulumbe Grilled On Maizegate

The Parliamentary Committee on agriculture on Wednesday took to task Agricultural Development and Marketing Cooperation—ADMARC chief executive officer  foster Mlumbe as part of its inquiry on Maize deal saga.
Mlumbe and his staff appeared before the parliamentary joint committee to explain on the role ADMARC took in the purchase of the grain from Zambia through Kaloswe and Zambia cooperation federation.
The ADMARC Chief told the inquiry team that the corporation only purchased about four thousand metric tons from Maize through Kaloswe out of the required quantity.
He said ADMARC terminated the contract with Kaloswe claiming that the supplier wanted to amend clauses of the contract which was contrary to the agreement.
Mlumbe said it was at this time that ADMARC proceeded to sign another contract with Zambia cooperation federation on 17th June 2016.
However the inquiry team was not convinced with the explanation.
The committee pressed Mlumbe to explain why   a sensitive transaction of about 26 billion kwacha was done within hours.
Meanwhile the committee is expected to continue summoning  the ADMARC chief in the course of he inquiry .

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