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Timveni will assist the youth in ensuring easy access to information on the possibilities and opportunities that exist in our country
Timveni is a child and youth media organization registered as a Trust with focus on empowering the children and youth to know their rights and responsibilities. From a radio project implemented in 2006 to an independent institution in 2010, Timveni has been a platform where the children and youth have voiced out the challenges that they encounter in their respective communities. Timveni has been able to leverage the capacities of children and youth to make observations,
integrate these observations into a positive world view, and express them through words packaged as speeches, music and other creative expressions. Timveni has been able to enable youths and children to engage with one another within and across districts and to communicate their views to decision makers in Malawi via two major platforms namely Timveni Radio and Timveni Television.

Our Programs

Amplified Movement

To develop the capacity of children and youth to hold the stakeholders accountable

Child Rights and Governance

To improve the active participation of young people including the disadvantaged ones in Malawi

Presidential Commitments

To highlight progress made of the fulfilling of the 10 Presidential Commitments for children that were made before 2014’s elections


To improve access and quality primary education for girls in Mangochi, Salima and Dedza by 2017.

Preserving Folktales in Malawi

A programme aimed at assisting life skills education amongst the children of Malawi.

The Science Project

To arouse children’s interest in science and motivate them to learn science through Television

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