ACB owns K145 million Police food ration leaked report

ACB owns K145 million Police food ration leaked report


By Harold Kapindu

The Anti Corruption Bureau-ACB says it is conducting investigations into the K145 million Police food ration leaked report which has implicated the State President Peter Mutharika.

Addressing the media on Friday, Anti Corruption Bureau Director General Reyneck Matemba admitted that the leaked document indeed came from the ACB and the bureau is continuing with investigations.

Citing Section 54 of Corrupt Practices, Oath of Secrecy Regulations of the Corrupt Practices Act, Matemba said the act clearly prohibits unauthorized release of information.

Matemba stressed that leaking information is against ethics and practice of the bureau.

He then bemoaned that the leakage has had a negative impact on operations of the Bureau, saying it puts the Bureau at a great risk of losing the goodwill of various players if this is not checked.

Matemba disclosed that The Bureau sought the services of a private investigator to help with some aspects of the investigation which was funded by a cooperating partner.  

According to the November 2017 ACB report, a day after the supplier deposited K2.793 billion payment from Police for supplying 500 000 ration packs, the company transferred K145 million to DPP  Standard Bank account 014003192200 on April 13 2016.

President Mutharika is the DPP's Standard Bank account sole signatory.

The report also states that President Mutharika opened the account in 2015, a year after assuming office and between January and October 2016, the President “made cheque withdrawals amounting to K65 million from the said Standard Bank account.

Commenting on the murder of ACB former Director of Corporate Services Mr. Issa Njauju, Matemba said the Bureau is also interested to know the conclusion of the investigations.

He appealed to Malawians to differentiate between Police and ACB in as far as our mandates are concerned, stressing that Bureau does not have a mandate to investigate murder cases.

Matemba said it is therefore misleading for anyone to link the two investigations as they are different and being handled by different agencies.

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