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Because I am A Girl Movement

Study shows that an extra year of   secondary school increases a girl’s potential income by 15 to 25 per cent.  In as much as Malawi has achieved near equal number of girls as boys in primary school up to standard 7; from standard 8 girls lag behind on all the key education indicators.  Only 1 in 4 girls completes primary school (8 years). Only 45% of pupils enrolled in secondary school are girls and this reduces to 36% at tertiary level. Girls are 5.5 times more likely to be enrolled in non-formal education than boys.  Even more, girls perform worse in the national school leaving exams at both primary and secondary level. 

Through its Because I am a Girl (BIAAG) movement, Plan International Malawi with Timveni aims to transform the lives of the poorest girls. It has been noted that girls face twice the discrimination because of their gender and age. Through BIAAG movement, we are working with the government, children and young people, communities, partners and other key stakeholders to ensure that girls have access to a minimum of 9 years of education and other services and opportunities for development.

Timveni and Plan have addressed various issues pertaining to the rights of the girl child and highlighting the role of men and boys in ensuring these rights are attained.  This has been done through media like radio and Television, providing a platform for children to voice out their concerns and to hold duty bearers accountable.

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