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Following Up Presidential Commitments

Malawi is one of the countries that has designed different policies on children and youth  but faces the challenge of implementation on the ground. Timveni in partnership with the government and UNICEF  interfaced with the children and youth across the country where they expressed the challenges that they mainly face in their respective communities.  These challenges were stream lined to 10 points of which the presidential candidates before the May 20, 2014 elections committed to address once elected in power.

The priority areas include Education , Nutrition , Unemployment, Children rights, HIV Aids  and the task of reporting on the progress made at the end of the year . Timveni has  been broadcasting radio programmes with the aim of following up on what the President and his government have done.

Furthermore , Timveni is creating more awareness on the 10 priority areas so that children and youth should demand for immediate intervention on these challenges in all parts of the country.

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