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Improving The Livelihood Of Children And Youth

Children and young people have a right to good education . In any community , it is evident that the level of the education system  is a clear indicator of the whole social , cultural and economical development of the country. However , it means  more investment in materials to enable teachers carry out their tasks without any challenges. It means the provision of learning materials as well for the students to be able to keep their information  which they could use in their various courses. Furthermore, we realise that its actually the teachers that spend more time  with the student hence being well positioned to help the children excel in their studies.

As Timveni , we have partnered with the Teachers Association of Malawi to orient them on them Readmission policy which encourages children who have dropped out to be readmitted  back in school. Teachers are also rewarded  for the job well done in shaping the children  to become  productive citizens of Malawi. Furthermore , Timveni builds the capacity of the teachers on rights and responsibilities. Also teachers are able to provide career guidance to the children and youth .

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