Communities urged to raise awareness on child care benefits

Communities urged to raise awareness on child care benefits

By Owen Mavula

Players in child-rights protection have been urged to engage communities in raising awareness on benefits of child care.

The remarks were made on Monday as Malawi joined the rest of the world in commemorating Universal Children’s day.

The day was set aside by the United Nations to reflect on the importance safeguarding the rights of children worldwide.

One of the organizations SOS Children’s Village and NGO coalition on child rights say at all levels family strengthening programs should be given both a voice and a stake in the services that are designed for them.

For instance the organizations say there is need for government to channel enough resources for child care services in the district council saying most child services at district level are crippled due to underfunding.

For their part the organizations are rolling out a campaign under the banner no child should grow up alone whose objective is to demand that all stakeholders from family, community and state level take part in addressing challenges affecting children.

Statistics indicate that one in every ten worlds children are growing up alone.

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