Crashed Cameroon Plane Broke 'Speed Limit'

Crashed Cameroon Plane Broke 'Speed Limit'

The train which crashed last Friday in Cameroon, killing at least 79 passengers and wounding 600 people, was travelling at an "unusually" high speed, a top official of the French company that runs the railway line says.

The train was on its way from the capital, Yaounde, to the port city of Douala when carriages flipped over.

Eric Melet, Africa Chairman of Bollore, is quoted as saying: “When it was near the station where the crash happened, it was travelling faster than the speed limit at that point."

Shortly after the crash was reported, Cameroon President Paul Biya told state TV that an "in-depth inquiry" into the causes of the accident had been ordered. 

On Tuesday, a court also announced a criminal investigation to establish responsibilities in the possible causes of the accident. 

Early suggestions seemed to blame the crash on overcrowding. 

The train was operated by Camrail, a local subcontractor of French company Bollore.

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