DPP slams Chilima, UTM

DPP slams Chilima, UTM

Mussa and Dausi - File Photo

By Aamon Butao

The rulling Democratic progressive (DPP) has described the newly launched political grouping United Transformation MovementĀ  (UTM) as a group with no agenda.

Speaking at a press conference in Lilongwe, DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi said UTM has no direction and hasĀ  no agenda, saying the 12 points raised at a rally at Masintha in Lilongwe has taken it from DPP manifesto.

Dausi said Malawians should not get carried away with the political grouping, saying the leader of the group will bring nothing new but he is simply hungry for power.

Dausi said the embattled Vice President is a failure because he failed to reform the civil service in 6 months by constantly asking for more time and failed at the end.

He, however said Chilima can not employ 1 million people within 6 months after failing to reform the civil service while faillng the current regime.

He added that the Vice President is politicing corruption while the UTM gurus are the most corrupt people and some of them are still answering corruption cases.

On rigging issue, Dausi said DPP has never rigged and will never rig the 2019 tripate elections.

He however said Malawians should trust the ruling party saying it will make sure that it has delivered according to its manifesto as it is a process.

Taking his turn, DPP Vice President from the north Goodall Gondwe said it is mockly that VP is against the policies in the government he is working and constitution he swore to defend and uphold.

He said the turn Chilima has taken is against the laws of Malawi, saying he is responsible in advising the President on issues affecting Malawians.

Gondwe said it is up to Chilima to resign but he can not be forced.

Dausi was flanked by Vice President for Eastern Region Bright Nsaka, Samuel Tembenu and Henry Mussa.

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