Dr Cedrick Ngalande announces 2019 presidential candidature

Dr Cedrick Ngalande announces 2019 presidential candidature


By Harold Kapindu

USA based Dr Cedrick Ngalande has revealed plans to contest in next year's tripartite elections.

Speaking to Newsline, Ngalande disclosed that he intends to stand as an independent presidential candidate upon observing that over the last three decades Malawians have lost a lot of ground in politics.

"We keep recycling the same leaders from UDF to DPP and now UTM hence Malawians have been waiting for a true leader.  

"In the past, Malawians have had to settle for mediocre leadership for lack of better options. The agenda I have resonates with the common man in the village. Our campaign is for the villager," Ngalande explained.

At this juncture, Ngalande said Malawians have a golden opportunity to choose real visionary leaders.

"I am hopeful of winning the forthcoming 2019 general elections. Once Malawians know what options they have, I am very confident they will go with our agenda. In the past, Malawians have settled for mediocre leadership for lacking better options," Ngalande explained.

He added: "And over and over again, the decisions we make will depend on the answer to the question, “How does this help the common man and woman in the villages?”

Ngalande then revealed that currently he already has support groups springing up all over the campaign.

Meanwhile, Ngalande said he has a very strong presence on social media, reaching over 200,000 Malawians in less than 3 weeks.

"This is a serious campaign. Leaving everything I have accomplished over the last few years to campaign for president is not a simple decision. One has to be passionate about a course to do that. Over the next 8 months, I will share with you my vision of how we can develop Malawi and transform it to be the country we have always dreamt of.

"Malawi is a beautiful country. It truly deserves the title "the warm heart of Africa". Malawians are hardworking and innovative. We have been let down by our leaders," the 48 year old Ngalande said.

"54 years is a long time. We have spent most of those years moving in circles. We have to do better. We honor the people who fought and died for our independence by appointing capable men and women of integrity to lead this country," he explained.

Ngalande further said he intends to be president for 5 years only once elected into presidential office.

He explained: "I will not run for re-election. This is why we are setting a clear and concise agenda. I believe we need new ideas in the system. This is not a game I want to play. My promises to Malawians are few, concise and measurable. I want Malawians to know, understand and remember these promises so that they can hold my government accountable if we fail."

Born on September 29, 1970, Ngalande hails from Phalombe District.

Ngalande is an Aerospace Engineer, Space Scientist and Financial Engineer who also holds a PhD in Astronautical Engineering.

Ngalande's work experience, among others, includes roles as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the US Naval Research Laboratory, a visiting Professor of Astronautics at the University of Southern California, a visiting Scientist at NASA/JPL and a Senior Space Systems Engineer at Microcosm Space Missions Company.

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