Gaps in Child Rights Laws

Gaps in Child Rights Laws

An alternative report on status of child rights in Malawi has revealed existing gaps in areas of enforcement of laws that protect the right of children.

NGO Coalition on child rights protection a network of organizations involved in the protection of child rights presented the report on Tuesday in the capital Lilongwe.

Speaking to the press Chairperson for the NGO Coalition on child rights Desmond Mhango said as a country Malawi has made tremendous progress in setting up deliberate policies and laws that are aimed at addressing challenges affecting young people.

However, according to Mhango, the report has established that the country is failing to enforce and implement programs that are supporting promotion and protection of the rights of the child.

For example, the report commends government for enacting the child care justice and protection act of 2010 that outlaws all forms of harmful cultural practices but says the act still lacks in areas of reducing or eliminating the said harmful cultural practices.

Partly in conclusion the report is urging government to be strict in enforcing all laws that are aimed at protecting children.

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