"I Want The World To Hear My True Love Story" - Jojo Rockstar

"I Want The World To Hear My True Love Story" - Jojo Rockstar

Jojo Rockstar representing Malawi in Ireland

By Harold Kapindu

Irish based, former MBC TV presenter/dancer Jojo Rockstar has released a banger titled "Irish Queen" which he intends to take it to the world.

According to Jojo Rockstar, "Irish Queen" which features Megansky is a love song inspired by a true story.

He said, "I would love the whole world to hear my true love story. The concept is based on a true story. All of it. That's how I met my fiancee, Megansky. So I did "Irish Queen" with my girl, Jay and Bey".

Quizzed on the creative process, Jojo Rockstar said: "We were in the studio and the guy who was supposed to be featured on the song was late so I asked her to jump on the track and she did. I was amazed with what she did and it was great for a first timer".

"I think both Malawians and the Irish are going to relate to the song because here are two people from two different worlds coming together and making a song that connects both worlds.

"Am sure Malawians would love such a story the same way people do here. I find it amazing because its bigger than a song. Most can relate especially when two people from different worlds come as one and make a hit for both sides. Now that's class," he narrated.

Jojo Rockstar is currently working on his debut 11 track album scheduled to drop this fall.

"The album is half done as we speak. I have done more tracks with MeganSky and a few songs featuring Overdose and Kingcj who are Malawians living in Ireland. It's a big project and shout out to Desert Eagle for the beats.

"Apart from music, I am also working on my clothing label #AsafunaAsiye which is currently growing in Ireland and look out for #AsafunaAsiye hitting Malawi soon. I have to represent Malawi out here and put my country on the map. That's the deal."

Jojo Rockstar joined the entertainment industry at the age of 16. He has worked with most top artists in Malawi including Jolly Bro, Tay Grin, Maximum Sentence as well as Theo Thomson.

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