Kalawe to influence youths in 2018

Kalawe to influence youths in 2018


Hip Hop artist Kalawe says he is planning a comeback, promising to use his artistry to make a positive impact among youths in the country.

Kalawe’s revelations follow Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s recent televised interview whose clip has gone viral on social media in which he showers praises on Kalawe’s hit “Dzuka Malawi”.

Speaking in an interview, Kalawe said Dzuka Malawi crystallizes a message to call every Malawian to wake up and do something about Malawi knowing that the nation was in a sleep state.

“Two years have lapsed since I released the song but it still matters in lives of the people more. Artists have a role to play in the society; it’s just that most are focused on the wrong things. Am not saying everyone should do a song for Malawi but when we can it's a good thing to pass a message that builds our nation compared to an irrelevant subject that only matter for a day,” he explained.

He further observed that if Malawians are the poorest and public services are behind other countries then there is something the citizenry are not doing right.

“Dr Chakwera is a respected man and liking my song it's not something diminutive. Listening to Dr Chakwera’s comment, I get the impression that he enjoys the song in the context that I had in mind when I did it and that makes me feel understood. 

“For the longest time I felt misunderstood by quarters who look at the song as an attack on specific groupings when I intended it to be wake up call to my nation. Issues in the song, of the many, included asking Malawians to take and I expected all Malawians to support the message to achieve the intended,” Kalawe said.

Kalawe’s last song was “Major Sanagive” which was released in 2016. 


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