Kim Shines With "Money"

Kim Shines With "Money"

The Song “Money” is one of the singles in the New EP , The Revolution  which scheduled to hit stores in November, 2016 .  This is a song that contains the afro hippy jovial sounds . It was recorded  by the Amazing Lawi  at LMG  in Lilongwe.  The Video was shot by   Sukez and really depicts the everyday street life or hustle we all go through  just to make money and survive in this world.

Money ! Money! Money! Money is the root of all evil, money makes the world go round! Which view best suits what money is? We live in a world where everybody is trying to earn a living, to survive and if possible have the privilege of enjoying some luxury, who doesn't want to be a millionaire or billionaire in all kinds of currency? Whether we like it or not, money gives us status in society, power and it forces people to pay attention to whatever we have to say be it right or wrong.

If we work hard and smart in our craft or whatever we do, it can bring in money to us if we look at life as a business opportunity even in hard times.

If we know what we want out of life, we can achieve it even if it's an uphill battle by choosing to be focused and putting our energy into one thing at a time and staying away from temptations to take short cuts and make money fast fast.

Without money, we cannot turn our ideas into life, we can't  bring our dreams into reality, without money we can't try new things because everything carries some monetary value. The resources we need including people, machines, land and buildings etc require money if you are to get the best of these things. Of course you could receive these things for free from someone but we can all testify that the things we acquire through our own effort, blood and sweat mean more to us than free things.

No matter how little our money may be, it still counts because we worked for it. People will hate or laugh because they think they are better and smarter because they make more money or are in a better place in life. But let them laugh or hate, we won't let it mess with our daily hustle, everybody starts from somewhere. One step at a time and one day at a time.

Hardships can be so tough that we get tempted to sell our souls or bodies for a living, just to make ends meet, but try your very best to keep your soul, your dignity, your self worth as you earn a living. Preserve yourself, you are the most valuable thing in life much more than all the money that's existed since the beginning of civilizations.
So money, it's there to be used in order to create a better world than just to benefit ourselves.

This song is therefore a celebration of hard work for all those people who are doing something  to  enhance their livelihoods. Despite the pull down syndrome that exists in our society when one is doing well , we still have to move on. Society sometimes will label you so many names  when you start earning lots of money, but one has to stay focused and work hard  at every opportunity in life. In other words , as other people are busy talking about you , you are continuously working hard  to become better and better in life. So just to bring the point home , you are telling those enemies of progress that “ don’t mess with my  money , don’t  mess with business….  Oooh!! Nanana!! Don’t just expect money to come to you   when you are just sitting Phwiii! You need to work for it one way or the other.


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