Light Up Di Yard Dancehall Music Contest To kick off!

Light Up Di Yard Dancehall Music Contest To kick off!

The common misconception that dancehall is a genre of music that promotes a reckless life of smoking, drinking and parties filled with inappropriate behavior is one that makes a lot of people rule out listening to it. Most dancehall music that people hear is that of artists who constantly talk inappropriately about having relationships with numerous women, baby mamas, gun crime and other misdemeanor behavior. But what we don’t take into consideration is that, just as with any other genre of music, there is always the commercial side and underground side of it.

Dancehall begun in the slums of Jamaica and has infiltrated the airwaves of music industries across the globe, with some popular artists borrowing styles and rhythms from the genre and purely dancehall artists infusing deep messages and promoting spiritual enlightenment through the genre.

This brings me to the presence and influence of dancehall music in Malawi. Speaking in the present, we have a lot of potential dancehall artists right in our backyards, right in our own communities, some whom we know and others who are still unknown. And with the Malawian music industry growing in terms of the ability of our music to reach across different borders, there are still a myriad of underground artists who are very talented but are not known because of several limiting factors.

Some of our underground artists have a great following or fanbase within their communities, but they face the challenges of not having the finances necessary to pay for their studio time, promotion, music videos and professional management that can help in raising their visibility, giving guidance and direction as well as helping the artists make a living or create an income out of their music.

Light up Da the World is a massive opportunity that can and will transform the lives of the youth across Malawi. The influence of music in Malawi achieving sustainable development through its youth cannot be ignored nor taken lightly, instead it must be embraced and used to transform the lives of children and the youth. The winners of the competition will stand the chance of walking away with one million kwacha, studio time to record a debut album and the opportunity to shoot a video for their single. Not to mention the promotion and exposure the winner will get not only within Malawian borders but across the continent and beyond.

The starting point of this competition is in Lilongwe, so if you are an underground, unsigned dancehall artist with untapped talent and are ready to share your gift with world, this is your time to stand a chance to walk away as the winner with MK1 Million Kwacha Cash, plus studio time to record a debut album and video shoots for the best singles as well as enjoy extensive media promotion from a professional PR Company.

Here’s how to enter:

ü  No fees are required to enter the competition

ü  Deadlines for entry are due by 9:59am on the day of performances in your own area/yard (dates will be communicated).

ü  No late entries will be accepted after the pre-advertised late period on the Light Up Da Yard Facebook page.

ü  Any chances to the program, the Light Up da Yard team will communicate via the Facebook page, Timveni Radio, Timveni TV and other online platforms

ü  Competitors in each yard will be required to report at the Performance venue on time to ensure they abide to the most important rules and regulations for the competition 

ü  Open for all ages

ü  Strictly Dancehall Reggae Music


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