Malawi's inflation continues to go down

Malawi's inflation continues to go down

Malawi’s single-digit inflation continues to go down with latest figures for the month of October showing the country registered a headline inflation of Eight point Three percent.

According to the National Statistical Office, the figure represents a decline of zero point one percent from September’s headline inflation of Eight point Four. 

According to a statement by the National Statistical Office, seen by Newsline, in October last year, the country had a headline inflation of Twenty point One percent. 

The urban and rural rates of inflation stand at Eight point One percent and Eight point Seven percent respectively. 

Overall, food inflation for October stands at Four point Eight percent from Five point One percent in September 2017 while non-food inflation stands at Eleven point Seven percent from Eleven point Six percent in September 2017.

In three years, the country’s inflation has fallen from Twenty-Four percent to the single digit of Eight point Three percent and government says preliminary forecast for 2017 economic growth rate is likely to be higher than the five point five percent that was estimated earlier. 


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