MHRC Steps Up ATI Awareness Campaign

MHRC Steps Up ATI Awareness Campaign

The Malawi Human Rights Commission says the Access to Information Act provides for appeal where one is not satisfied with information.

Chairperson of the Commission Justine Dzonzi said this when he was highlighting some of the roadmaps the Commission has made so far regarding the Access to Information Act.

Speaking to Newsline, Dzonzi said there is need for the general public to be fully aware, that the Act empowers one to challenge any information using the human rights body or any court of law where necessary.

He however was quick to say that the law gives specific period for as to when information should be provided to a seeker.

Meanwhile, the Commission says it will continue to step up efforts in ensuring that people are fully aware of the Act which attracted controversy in Parliament when it was first tabled as a bill.

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