For the past four years disposal of solid waste had been a thorn in the flesh of Mzuzu city council. On several occasion the council had been in wrangles with the community around Mchengautuba dumpsite. The community complained that the dumpsite posed a health hazard to the children and the community at large.

Today the battle is no more. Many thanks to Plan International Malawi through the Peri-urban sanitation and hygiene project  funded by the European Union for construction a multimillion state of the  of the art waste management facility in the city. The facility is expected to bring a significant improvement in waste management.

Commissioning the facility, first of its kind in Malawi was Her Excellency Dr. Gertrude Mutharika first lady of the Republic of Malawi who is also the Patron for Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM).  In her remarks the first lady said the facility will power Mzuzu city council to maximize waste collection levels in order to fully utilize the facility. In return it will reduce the amount of unattended waste which created favorable bleeding sites for mosquitoes, houseflies, rodents and other vectors of communicable diseases like cholera. “This new waste management facility will contribute to a cleaner and healthier Mzuzu”. She said.

The commissioning of the long waited Msiro waste management facility marks the migration from crude dumping of waste which the council has been doing over the years at Mchengautuba residential area.

In his remarks EU head of infrastructure Fernando Trabada Crende said, the opening of the waste management facility will halt the outcry of Mchengautuba residents, it will also accelerate the process of closing the land fill site which has been causing health hazards for them and their families.

The new infrastructure will contribute to prevent the dumping of waste in uncontrolled landfills, where most vulnerable populations try to make a living in risky conditions and various types of waste tend to end up lying unprotected without proper fencing”. He said

Unlike Mchengautuba dump site, at the new facility they will be no crude dumping, waste will be managed through the re-use, recycling and then value chains for different type of wastes. The facility has the capacity to produce biogas.

Country director for Plan International Malawi Lily Omondi said, the facility will enable the council to separate waste to be used in various forms such as compost manure, recycled products and reusing of some waste. She added that the new waste management facility will also protect children from playing and scavenging on the dumpsite.

The new waste management facility has been designed to support Mzuzu the fastest growing city the country for the next 50 years.

Speaking during the commissioning of the Chief executive officer for Mzuzu city said opening of the facility will reduce the heavy cost of managing waste. “We believe it will ease burden of heavy waste management cost that we used to incur with crude dumping system” he said.

The new waste management facility is located on a 12 hectare site, 15 Km outskirt of Mzuzu city. It has a brick wall fence with razor wire to avoid scavenging and encroachment. 

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