New parliament reforms project launched in Lilongwe

New parliament reforms project launched in Lilongwe

A project aimed at stimulating reforms to improve effectiveness and impact of Parliament in steering democracy has been launched in Lilongwe.

The project has been launched by the African Institute for Development Policy—AFIDEP, an African led, regional non-profit policy think tank established to bridge gaps between  research, policy  and practice in development efforts in Africa.

The initiative, dubbed Malawi Parliament Enhancement Project seeks to enhance Parliament’s Legislative, representation and oversight roles by improving relationship between Executive and Judiciary arms of government. 

Speaking to Newsline, Executive Director for AFIDEP Dr. Eliya Zulu said research shows over sixty percent of Malawi’s population is unaware of Legislators’ roles.

He cited findings like misconception about handouts and covering funeral expenses as some duties to be filled by Members of Parliament. 

He said among other areas the project seeks to bridge the gap on such issues. 

The three year project is being funded by the Norwegian government to the tune of One point Nine Million US Dollars.


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