No Live Broadcasting of Be Forward  Matches

No Live Broadcasting of Be Forward Matches

Be Forward Wanderers Football Club have warned that they will no longer allow the media to broadcast live their Super league matches unless the Super league of Malawi starts remitting some revenues from  such deals.

Be forward General Secretary Mike Butao has told Timveni Sports Desk saying up to now the club hasn't received any payment from Sulom. 

Butao referred last years Television deal which never benefited the clubs as the rights holder has not paid up the money until now 

Wanderers General Secretary also bemoaned of the radio broadcasting deals which Sulom strikes with the local stations whose proceeds they do not benefit from. 

Butao indicated that the club has tried to pursue this issue  with Sulom  but has not been assisted at all  with regards to the payment.

"It is not the media that have problems with us  but Sulom because clubs do not negotiate broadcasting deals  with the media or broadcasting houses.  It is Sulom and in this case it is their fault ,We are assuming Sulom gets paid for signing those deals but money is not coming to the clubs and we believe thats what happened with Beta TV beaming games but at the end of the day clubs didn't benefit anything. 

"This is a thing that has been there for a while and as a club we condemn it . If you recall we made a joint statement  between Wanderers,Bullets and Silver Strikers claiming for the broadcast rights but nothing happened so as for Wanderers enough is enough no more television,radio beaming our games unless Sulom sort out our bills."Said Butao

Super league of Malawi signed a 3,year lucrative television deal with local tv station Beta tv but nothing happened as the TV Station stopped beaming TNM Super league matches due to financial constraints

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