Nsanje communities bemoan vandalism at Nsanje Port

Nsanje communities bemoan vandalism at Nsanje Port

By Chilenje Chilenje

Communities in Nsanje district have expressed worry over rampant vandalism that is taking place at Nsanje world inland port.

During a visit by Newsline to the designated port on Wednesday, it was revealed that there is a serious vandalism at the site where bolts, nuts and the web are been stolen.

This is happening while government has plans to rehabilitate the much awaited project following a recent meeting involving Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique.

Speaking to Newsline in an interview, one of the residents in the district, Pearson Kulinji, said it is pathetic that the port faces rampant vandalism despite efforts by authorities to recruit security
guards at the facility.

Kulinji has however, condemned stakeholders for not prioritizing the port apart from the road network or the railway line from Marka to Limbe.

Recently, government through Minister of Transport and Public Works, Malison Ndau, made the remarks that government is ready to complete the project despite being accused by some quarters that it has failed to finish it.

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