US's Hip Hop DX picks up Ackim Chiseko's "King and the Magic Dragonfly" animation

US's Hip Hop DX picks up Ackim Chiseko's "King and the Magic Dragonfly" animation

Ackim Chiseko at work

By Harold Kapindu

United States based number one showbiz website, Hip Hop DX has picked up Malawi's motion graphics artist Ackim Chiseko's "King and the Magic Dragonfly" short animated film where it has been viewed more than 90, 000 times with 18, 000 plus downloads.

"King and the Magic Dragonfly" has a 9 out of 10 rating.

Reacting to the news, Chiseko who is also Timveni TV videographer said he was humbled and excited having realized that his work is being recognized as one of the best dragonfly animations in the world.

"This is my first animation project with audio. I firstly uploaded on Youtube and Hip Hop DX picked it from there. This development has taught me so many lessons. Of course I uploaded the clip online but I didn't expect to hit this milestone. I have learnt not to underrate myself," Chiseko explained.

Having started motion graphics in 2015, "King and the Magic Dragonfly" is Chiseko's maiden project which was uploaded online in 2017.

"King and the Magic Dragonfly" carries a serious massage of child labour.

In the short film, the Dragon Fly is sent to rescue a child working at a tobacco farm.

"Your mother has sent me to take you home. We are going home. This is not the life Kingsley. Not all kids are like you..." the Dragon Fly tells the kid in the film.

Chiseko has worked on UNICEF, Plan International Malawi, Timveni and UNESCO's "Ulesi Supindula part 1" projects.

Chiseko is inspired by Dreamworks, Disney and Pixar animations.

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