Women at risk of violent abuse due to water shortages

Women at risk of violent abuse due to water shortages

It has been established that women are still forming a larger part of population facing violent abuse due to lack of access to portable water in the country.
This has been disclosed at a two day national sanitation and hygiene learning event organized by Plan International Malawi in Lilongwe.
Addressing stakeholders at the two day event, Dr Steven Taulo, a senior lecturer in environmental sanitation at the University of Malawi said women mostly in rural areas are still walking long distances in search for clean and portable water hence putting them at risk of attacks or rape.
According to Dr Taulo the challenge is also subjecting women to mental stress a part from the vulnerability aspect.
He said while the country continues to make strides towards achieving good sanitation, there is still slow progress.
The National sanitation and hygiene learning event has brought together sanitation and hygiene professionals to interact and share knowledge with which they can improve the quality and effectiveness of sanitation.

Thoko Kaitane, Acting Chief of Party—Plan International-Global Sanitation Fund Projects, says as a key player the organization will also step up effort to come up with innovative ways of implementing sanitation and hygiene promotion initiatives.
Meanwhile government says it will continue working hand in hand with key stakeholders in ensuring that the country has access to adequate sanitation and hygiene.
Estimates indicate that there are about two point four billion people without access to adequate sanitation and hygiene, including nearly one billion people practicing open defecation worldwide.

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