Timveni uses media platforms of radio and Television to reach out to as many young people and children as possible. The radio and television platforms are also used as a safe space where young people can engage duty bearers without fear or favour With an estimated accumulated annual listenership of 6million people, Timveni radio and TV can be listened to from anywhere in Malawi.
Over 65% and 80% of the rural and urban young people respectively listen to Timveni Radio and watch TimveniTv. On day to day basis, Timveni Radio and Tv engage over 2500 young people in its Radio and Tv programs through text and phones calls.
Timveni has also over 250 radio listeners clubs scattered across the country. Timveni is the only youth and child media organization in Malawi which operates a Radio and Tv Station.
The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority most recent national survey report on access and use of information and communication technologies by households and individuals ranks Timveni in the Top 6 Radio & Television stations in Malawi

For those that are within Malawi but prefer to listen to Timveni radio online, they can access Timveni radio through the following links

Timveni Radio and TV has a wide range of programs focusing on Entertainment, Child Rights, Sports, Health, Education, Business, Politics, Agriculture and livelihood etc. Almost all programs on Timveni Radio and Television have a child and young people focus.

The radio and Television also act as business tools for Timveni. The revenue realized from these two platforms is re-invested back into the organization for it to be able to carry out its social functions.