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Ending Child Marriage Media Project

The project aims at reducing child marriages in Malawi using the media. The Media sector is an important stakeholder in ensuring that the public is well sensitized about the consequences of child marriages and can provide a plat- form for other stakeholders such as girls and youths to share their experiences on the fight against child marriages. It can also be used as a medium for alerting law enforcement agencies about such practices in order for them in turn to take actions.

Timveni which is already child and youth friendly can also be used as a platform for advocacy purposes. It is a powerful tool in advocacy and shaping public opinion. Furthermore, radio as one form of media has played a greater role in reaching out to the masses, even to those in hard to reach areas. With high illiteracy levels radio, is the preferred source of information for most people in Malawi


Plan International Malawi
Norkring  ASA - Norway
Timveni Youth Media
Plan International Norway



Girls between the ages of 11 and 18


Community members will also indirectly benefit from the action


Pupils of which 20700 are girls in 29 schools


Boys between the ages of 11 and 18 years


2 Traditional Authorities, 13 Group Village Headmen and 136 Village Headmen (In total, 151 Traditional leaders)


9 Parliamentarians and policy makers for whole district and 18 councilors (influencing in terms of making by-laws at community level}.


3,000 Female youths and 2,800 Male youths (19 to 24 years)


Estimates of 131/hc) young women attending ante natal care from 6 health centers

Girls going through an awareness session in child marriage