By Kenson McCloud 

Content creators in the country have been challenged to create unique content that presents a true reflection of Malawi’s culture, values and heritage to the world.

The call was made on Thursday during the launch of Nkhalo Digital Archiving Platform which is the first-ever platform that enables content creators to become more independent, sustainable and reach out to wider audiences with their online content.

A representative from the Department of Museum and Monuments, Aaron Khombe, said there is need to expose the country’s rich culture for other people to appreciate.

Despite Malawi having a rich culture portrayed through music, dance, food and complemented with formidable history and heritage sites, very little seems to be known about the country on the global stage.

Mhub through the ROOM Project with support from the Hivos Regional Office of Southern Africa, came up with the Nkhalo digital archiving platform to create a platform for the country’s content creators to share their work that promotes Malawi’s culture, heritage and history.

Khombe, commended the move saying it will create an opportunity for the world to notice the country’s culture and heritage.

Khombe said the department has been putting in efforts to ensure the country’s culture is preserved and promoted at all levels.

Khombe said there is a need for young people to be involved from a tender age on the importance of promoting the elements of the country’s culture.

Sharing his sentiments, President of the Film Association of Malawi, Gift Sukali, says there is need to intensify civic education among young people so that they should know more about their culture in order to appreciate and embrace it.

According to Sukali, there is so much content that can be created to expose the country’s culture while raking in revenue for content creators at the same time.

However, Sukali observed that lack of funding towards arts and culture continues to de-motivate a lot of creators.

Some of the major cultural heritage icons include the Mbuna Fish in Lake Malawi, Gulewamkulu and Mbira music.

Malawi also has some wonderful cultural heritage sites such as the Chongoni Rock Art, The Livingstonia Mission and Cape Maclear.

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