By Gerald Musambazi Viyuyi & Kenson McCloud

Former governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi Dr Dalitso Kabambe has joined active politics with the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP).

Kabambe was unveiled by the party officials at a ceremony which took place at the party’s regional headquarters in Blantyre on Thursday.

Speaking to the media after the unveiling Kabambe dismissed media reports that he has joined DPP with an aim of becoming the party’s torchbearer in the forthcoming general elections.

Meanwhile,a political commentator Emily Nkamanga has said Dalitso Kabambe has a huge task to convince the former ruling party’s top hierarchy to win their confidence in the run up to the 2025 general elections.

" Well much as it is his right to join any party,  Kabambe should expect opposing forces from the party’s old guards," Kamanga told Timveni.

Nkamanga said Kabambe being new to politics needs to first of all gain popularity before thinking of holding leadership positions in the party.

sharing her sentiments social commentator Humpherys Mvula has warned the party to avoid imposing leaders in crucial positions simply because someone comes from the same place with the former head of state.

"It raises eyebrows that Kabambe who has just joined the party wants to contest for presidency at the convention in February," explained Mvula.

However, Regional Governer for the South Charles Mchacha has rufuted the 'false and unfounded' allegations that the former head of state has directed the DPP Regional Committe(south) to appoint Kabambe as the president,

Mchacha said Peter Mutharika made it clear from the start that he would not take sides in the succesion competition.

"It is therefore a deliberate distortion of facts that APM is imposing a nephew. You may wish to know that Dr. D Kabambe is not APM's nephew," Mchacha wrote in a statement.

Mchacha has since warned for the propaganda to stop and reminded  the public that it would be undemocratic of the party to bar any potentential candidate from expressing their interest to join the party. E

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