By Aamon Butao

The Malawi Police Service has condemned unprofessional conduct by some Police officers when handling gender based violence cases. 

Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police Lenford Kamphika was speaking on Wednesday in Dowa district during the opening of a three-day workshop on gender transformative curriculum training organized by Tithetse Nkhanza Program.

Kamphika said "it is uncalled for law enforcement officials to play judge or mock victims when abuse has been reported."

According to Kamphika, who is also Director of Finance in Malawi Police Service time has come for police officers to start discharging their duties professionally.

Kamphika said some victims of gender based violence fail to approach the law enforcers out of fear of being intimidated by Police officers’ line of questioning.

"With the training, i believe our officers will be able to ask questions that do not put victims under pressure," averred Kamphika.

He added that a gender responsive Police will help curb defilement, rape and assault among several cases.

He promised that the curriculum that has been produced will be used as  'guiding tool for police' when handling gender-based cases.

Kamphika expressed concern that rising cases of abuse targeting girls and women is derailing gains made in child protection and women empowerment. 

The Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police said, "there has to be collaboration with the general public inorder to combat  rape and defilement."

In her remarks Tithetse Nkhanza Team leader Grace Malera condemned worsening levels of sexual abuse adding that the crimes have made girls and women unsafe in their own country. 

To help combat abuses facing women and girls and even some men, Malera said the organization will strengthen its meetings with different stakeholders to promote a gender responsive society.

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