By Aamon Butao 

Speaker of Parliament Catherine Gotani Hara has hailed release of Constituency Reports developed from the 2018 Population and Housing Census data as instrumental in evidence based decision making. 

On Wednesday, the National Statistical Office of Malawi disseminated the reports to Parliament covering wide areas including literacy, water and sanitation, orphanhood and population size.

Gotani Hara said the constituency reports will enhance Parliament’s representation and oversight roles by using credible data about the One Hundred and Ninety-Three constituencies.

She further commended the NSO for producing the reports, the first of its kind. 

The Speaker added that she expects improved debate in the August House following the making public of the Constituency Reports. 

Speaking after delivering the documents to Parliament, National Statistical Office of Malawi Commissioner of Statistics Mercy Kanyuka said the report could have been released much earlier had it not been for COVID-19. 

She however applauded development partners for providing support. 

United Nations Population Fund representative Young Hong said $7 Million was channeled to Malawi government to publish the Constituency Reports.

He added development partners are hopeful that the reports will help spur development.

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