By Jecina Chikwelete  

An integrated approach towards promoting sexual reproductive health and rights, HIV and sexual gender-based violence, has been highlighted as the most effective way of dealing with these issues.

The recommendation has been made during a stakeholders’ review meeting that took place in Lilongwe on Thursday to evaluate the implementation of the program so far.

In an interview with Timveni, National Program Coordinator for Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV and Sexual Gender-Based Violence in the Ministry of Health, Hans Katengeza, said the project has been progressing well as community health workers have been co-operating with one another.

It has been discovered that during the past 10 years health workers have been able to allocate each day of the week to a specific task in the quest to promote Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV and sexual gender-based violence.

According to Katengeza, the Ministry of Health through support from its partners has been training health personnel on how best they can deliver their services.

On the other hand, Katengeza lamented the lack of adequate trained personnel in public hospitals.

Going forward, it has been agreed to adopt an integrated approach where all health professionals will be found in the same room to provide help to patients and clients at the health facility.

The Ministry of Health has said it will come up with a document that will be used in improving service delivery on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV and ending sexual gender-based violence. 

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