By Titus J. Phiri(Lilongwe Technical College journalism student)

As part of its social programs, Timveni Child and Youth Media Organization engaged in career talk with journalism students at the Lilongwe Technical College on 6 November, 2020 following an invitation from the students. 

The interaction among others centered on broadcasting techniques and ethical standards applied in journalism.

Speaking during the career talk, head of news and current affairs at Timveni Franklin Mtambalika encouraged the students to realize one’s potential and work towards nurturing area of specialization to stand out in the field of journalism.

“For you to be successful journalists first of all you must realize  that we are living in a competing world, full of opportunities, but for you to be recognized among the many you need to realize your strengths and identify a role model who will help in perfecting your goal. 

“You must be confident in whatever you do and stop looking down upon yourselves because you are the manager of your future despite life teaching you unbearable lessons than you can imagine,” said Mtambalika. 

Apart from fighting for child and youth rights, Timveni is well known for its dominance in sports more especially football commentary.

Gabriel Moyo of the ikathera ku wire fame on Timveni Radio shared how passion for radio helped forge talent at a tender age when he was in Standard 7. Moyo: sharing his passion for football to the studentsMoyo said: “It’s good to have role models but it is a mistake to imitate everything they do because you end up being a copycat. If you do that, credit always goes back to your model and therefore you can’t have individuals who look up to you”.  

To spice the occasion, Moyo mesmerized the students with a five minute live commentary demonstration between Manchester United and Manchester City, mentioning all players on top of his head. 

Representing Journalism students at the college was Flywell Nkhonjera, who hosted an activity the students prepared for beaming on Timveni media platforms. 

Zarati: One of the students at Lilongwe Technical Collage

In his remarks, Nkhonjera applauded Timveni for honoring the students’ invitation and described the inspiration talk as an eye opener in their professional careers. 

“Let me first of all express gratitude for the rare opportunity we had with Timveni delegation. As students we need these kinds of interactions with people who made it in life so we can learn from them and appreciate how they overcame challenges in life. 

“We would also like to experience the practical side of journalism and we hope Timveni will give us a chance to have an education visit, to see their studios and appreciate how media personnel conduct themselves when in the studio,” said Nkhonjera. 

At the event a female and male journalism students won Atsikana Osaphweketsa 18-Plus media project branded T-shirt each after answering questions on what Timveni does in respect of its media programs and projects.

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