By Jecina Chikwelete 

With the aim of diverting away from the use of charcoal for energy, Youth Progressive Environmental Solutions (YPES) has embarked on a project aimed at training the youth and women in briquette-making.

The project, which is funded by Global Fund's Green Grants, targets 30 women and 30 young people.

The projects comes at a time the whole world is reeling from the devastating effects of climate change which is also necessitated by deforestation which in turn is aggravated by the continued reliance on charcoal for energy.

Speaking with Timveni during the training on Tuesday, YPES co-founder, Maureen Chimpanda, said the project wishes to transform people’s attitudes from the use of charcoal to embracing fire briquettes which are environmentally-friendly because they are not made out of trees.

Chimpanda added that YPES will purchase a briquette-making machine for the group so that they can venture into the briquette-making business which will provide an opportunity for the youth to be economically-empowered and refrain from risky behaviors.

Also present at the training was founder for Project Revival, Dr. Amanda Manda, who said the training was helpful and she would impart to other women and the youth she works with.

Project Revival empowers women and the youth with skills to be economically-independent.

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