Felix Banda

1. A day of an African child

The day that we gather together

And commemorate about African children

It’s a great day indeed

And freely enjoy our rights

4.Don’t use my rights in politics

What I want as African child its

Mutual defence and fair treatment so that

I can enjoy my free fair rights without

Any obstacles or violence’s

The great day

2.Today it’s a great day

Where by all countries in Africa

Think of me l can say I’m so special

Please treat me with care, love without

Regarding our sex, race equal for all

A girl or a boy child in Africa

3.Hey Africa people lets join hands for

Protecting African children for us

African children we say no to child abuse,

Harassment, discrimination and child labour

Today African child anthem is

Implementing African child rights right in order

To safeguard our life protect us to the

Covid-19 pandemic

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