Form 1, Mphunzi CDSS

Friendship is very important because we exchange ideas, feelings and help each other in many situations. I have a friend, her name is Prisca.

We have been friends for three years. We mate when we were in standard six, before I mate her I was playing with some girls who had a bad attitude. When I saw that Prisca was a good and intelligent girl I choose to go and introduce myself. She welcomed me and our friendship started.

The most thing that I love her is that she is good English speaker and so enchanting. These were just the same as I was through I didn’t know about more about English. I learned how to be assertive and how to express my feelings.

We love to be telling each other of the story we have made on our own. It is very fun and cool way to express our feelings whether good or bad.

This friendshiphas helped us to know who we are, what we want and to restrain from doing bad behaviors.

Friendship is very important for we know how people view us, what we want.